Every coral photo below will be exactly the coral you will receive. These Corals are grown in our in-store farm and are purely aqua-cultured. Many of these corals have been growing in our facility for over 3+ years and have some of the best colors we have seen. We dedicate time and knowledge to each and every piece in our farm so you will receive the best of the best.


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FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Dayglow Favia

Fully Encrusted plug of Jason Fox's dayglow Favia, an easy favia to keep which requires low light and low flow.
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Blood Diamond Favia

Ultra Blood Diamond Favia is an exclusive favia for collectors and has a unique blend of pink and yellow with neon yellow colored eyes.  Moderate light and moderate flow is...
$150.00 $125.00
FragsSPS - Small Polyp Stony

24kt Leptoseris

A fully encrusted plug of the brightest 24kt lepto you would think it's gold! Beautiful bright yellow color that grows quickly and enjoys placement around medium light and low flow...
$32.00 $25.00

Japanese Toadstool Leather

Ultra Rare Japanese Toadstool Leather better known commonly as the green weeping willow coral, is very hard to find nowadays and has been in our grow out facility for 2+...
FragsSPS - Small Polyp Stony

HSF Smoldering Leptoseris

Leptoseris are part of the SPS family however are easy to keep in terms of the SPS family, with its encrusting properties it adds a unique growth pattern to a...
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Hellraiser Red Goniopora

Beautiful Red WYSIWYG Hellraiser Goniopora is sure to bring life to your reef, its bright red base and polyps will light up any tank. Best placement for this coral is...

Gumdrop Mushroom

WYSIWYG Gumdrop Mushroom has beautiful red purple and aqua streaks that will fluoresce in any reef tank. Placement for this coral should be low light and low flow .

Golden Jawbreaker Mushroom

Golden Jawbreaker mushroom is best kept low lighting and low flow. This is a more rare mushroom and does grow with red streaks more and more over time. This piece...
$225.00 $175.00

Space Invader Chalice

Live WYSIWYG Space invader chalice is if someone brought a glowstick into your tank, it is a beautiful piece with unreal bright neon green with orange eyes. Fast growing and...

Rainbow Infusion

WYSIWYG 1 PolypA palythoa with vibrant colors Rainbow Infusions are definitely a show stopper and will grab attention in all reef tanks. These enjoy medium to high light with low...

Blood Interstellar Mushroom

Live WYSIWYG Interstellar Mushroom that features bumpy like skin and an incredible fluorescent red hue. Mushrooms add to a reef tank by being easy to keep, fast growing and braight...
$100.00 $85.00
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Rainbow Acan Echinata

Rainbow Acan Echinata has been growing in our facility for over 2 years and has some of the best colors we have see on many different species of corals we...

Australian Gold Torch

WYSIWYG Australian Gold Torch Coral

Sonic Flare Palythoa's

An old school palythoa with vibrant colors Sonic Flare's are definitely a show stopper and will grab attention in all reef tanks. These enjoy medium to high light with medium flow...

Hyper Jubilee

An old school palythoa with vibrant colors these Hyper jubilees are definitely a show stopper and will grab attention in all reef tanks. These enjoy medium to high light with...

Rainbow Yoda Palythoa's

Rainbow Yoda Palythoa's are a very quick growing polyp and can add some quality colors to any reef tanks. They are extremely easy to keep and can be grown in...

Indonesian Orange Tip Torch Coral

One of many torches featured from Indonesia is the Orange tip torch which is highly sought after and portrays beautiful vibrant colors.These torches thrive in Low to Medium light and...
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