Zoanthid's and Palythoa's are debatably the easiest corals to keep in a reef tank. The colors and growth are of no other coral, and portray some crazy combinations when grouped together. We have collected Zoanthid's and Palythoa's for over 25 years and with new strains being discovered yearly, it brings new excitement to the Coral industry on a consistent basis.
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White Zombie

Cornbred White Zombie palythoa have been in the game for quite some time and offer instant color, Like most palythoa's however these are very unique with their white and pink...
FragsZoanthid & Palythoa

Illuminati Palythoa

A newer discovered palythoa with vibrant red colors these Illuminati's are definitely a show stopper and will grab attention in all reef tanks. These enjoy medium to high light with medium...
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