LPS Corals short for Long or Large Polyp Stony Corals are made up of a long list of Coral species most popular being the Favias, Acans, Chalices, and Lobophyllia's. These LPS Corals thrive in low light situations and low to medium flow areas along with nutrient packed water columns. This species of coral has some of the most colorful color patterns seen on corals as a whole.
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Raja Rampage Chalice

Very Rare and hard to find Jason Fox's Raja Rampage Chalice, Definitely a game changer and a must have if you are a collector of chalices and all things LPS....

Avatar Chalice

Chalices add some definitive color to a reef tank, and being a lower light coral they make filling up the bottom of a reef tank a garden of colors. This...

Indonesian Pink Tip Torch Coral

One of many torches featured from Indonesia is the Pink tip torch which is highly sought after and portrays beautiful vibrant colors. This torch has been grown in our aquaculture...
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Rainbow Goniopora

WYSIWYG Rainbow Goni 3/4" Plug 2nd image - Colony Reference 
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Hulk Micromussa

WYSIWYG Micromussa Medium/Low LightLow Flow
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Apple Jacks Favia

WYSIWYG CB Apple Jacks Favia

Cotton Candy Chalice

Chalice's add a unique touch to a saltwater aquarium, they add vivid colors and grow easily in tanks. They display some crazy patterns of blended colors and are seen doing...
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Unique Rainbow Acan

Grown in our facility here in Miami, FL this Ultra acan features some of the brightest vibrant rainbow colors known to this species. It enjoys low placement in terms of...

Grim Reaper Chalice Frag

Grim Reaper Chalice has been in captivity in our farm for years and displays some intense red striping throughout the coral itself. The corals placement likes lower light with moderate...
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Blood Diamond Micromussa

WYSIWYG Blood Diamond Micromussa
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