LPS Corals short for Long or Large Polyp Stony Corals are made up of a long list of Coral species most popular being the Favias, Acans, Chalices, and Lobophyllia's. These LPS Corals thrive in low light situations and low to medium flow areas along with nutrient packed water columns. This species of coral has some of the most colorful color patterns seen on corals as a whole.
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Indo Torch

FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Blood Diamond Micromussa

WYSIWYG Blood Diamond Micromussa
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Space Invader Pectinia

WYSIWYG *Small* Taken under Radion G4 Pro 
Coral ColoniesLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Aquablue Acanthophyllia

WYSIWYG  Ultra Acanthophyllia
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Gold Mint Chalice

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