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After Party Acans

Grown in our facility here in Miami, FL this Ultra acan features some of the brightest vibrant rainbow colors known to this species. It enjoys low placement in terms of...

ASD Hyper Jubilee


Bizarro Cyphastrea

Cyphastrea's are medium to low light corals that encrust on the surface they are placed on. Often time these corals are used to encrust skulls or ceramic statues to create...
FragsLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Darth Maul Favia

WYSIWYG Darth Maul Favia

Indo Micromussa

WYSIWYG Micromussa Medium/Low LightLow Flow

Jawbreaker Mushroom


Raja Rampage Colony

Very Rare and hard to find Jason Fox's Raja Rampage Chalice, Definitely a game changer and a must have if you are a collector of chalices and all things LPS....

WWC OG Bounce

Arguably the hottest coral around is the WWC Og Bounce Mushroom, these mushrooms are highly sought after and have held value for over 8+ years. These mushrooms grow very well...
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