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After Party Acans

Grown in our facility here in Miami, FL this Ultra acan features some of the brightest vibrant rainbow colors known to this species. It enjoys low placement in terms of...
Coral ColoniesLPS - Large Polyp Stony

Australian Scolymia

WYSIWYG Australian Scolymia

Ice Blue Rhodactis

Coral ColoniesEuphyllia

Indo Wall Hammer

WYSIWYG Indo Wall Hammer 6"+ Open

Mayan Sun Rhodactis


Orange Ricordea

This coral prefers lower light and low flow due to where it is grown in the wild. It's bright orange skirt fluoresces in a tank and adds great color to...

Rainbow Wilsoni

WYSIWYG Rainbow WilsoniHas been acclimated to our system for over 4+ months

SC Orange Passion Acropora

WYSIWYG SC Orange PassionGrown under G4 Radion XR30 Pro / T5Medium- High Flow200+ PAR Rating3/4" Frag

Sunny D's Palythoa

An old school palythoa with vibrant colors these Sunny D Palythoa's are definitely a show stopper and will grab attention in all reef tanks. These enjoy medium to low light with...
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